What is CAMA

The Connecticut Antique Machinery Association (CAMA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation, restoration and demonstration of antique machinery from our rich industrial and agricultural past. CAMA's central theme revolves around machinery that made America great, Our 8-acre museum campus is located in Kent, CT.    CAMA is an all-volunteer organization.

Our main focus is to educate the general public as to early industrial and agricultural methods.  Our museum currently has ten main areas of focus with exhibits relating to each area. Click on each heading below to link to a page describing each area.  CAMA is a living museum meaning that most of our exhibits are operable.  See our Calendar of Events to find out when live demonstrations are available.

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History of CAMA - A Chronology of Milestone Events in the Making of CAMA

Follow this link to a chronology of CAMA from its earliest beginnings.

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The C.H. Brown steam engine being installed (at CAMA)


The C.H. Brown steam engine being installed (at Clark's Trading Post in NH)