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When one is dealing with antique machinery, finding information, parts and/or specific types of machinery is often a most frustrating proposition.   "Searching the World" is an attempt to connect CAMA members who are looking for something with people out on the World Wide Web who may have what they are looking for.  This service is offered as a benefit to CAMA members as well as CAMA itself. Individual queries are limited to 3 per CAMA member per 60 days.  The query will run for 60 days and then be removed. 

Message to Potential Sellers/Donors (out there in WWW-land):  If you, as a potential seller or donor can offer help or can supply a particular item, please email me the CAMA webmaster using the form in the sidebar at right.   In the email, include your name (required), a phone number (required) and an email address (optional) where you can be reached.  The CAMA inquirer is responsible for contacting you.

Message to CAMA Searchers:   It is up to you to review listings and check for accuracy of the information presented. IMPORTANT: Please only list inquiries on items that are bona fide antiques (40 years old or older) and only items of a mechanical, machinery or mining nature and/or consistent with the current focus areas of CAMA (see "What is CAMA")  



Item # 2013o2-1        Posted 2/7/13

3 Foot Gauge Arch Bar Trucks


CAMA is looking for a pair of 3 foot gauge arch bar trucks to finish our Tionesta Valley #111 caboose.  They would look similar to the stock photo above and need to have 23-24" diameter wheels. 


Item # 201302-2            Posted 2/7/13

Steam Assist Power Steering Pump - for vertical boiler Buffalo-Springfield steam roller


The pump would look similar to this pump (spotted at  Kinser's Rough and Tumble)

steam roller in diebold

This is our Buffalo-Springfield steam roller - minus one steering pump