Photo Essays


The Hubbard Steamcycle

Essays are divided by mechanical discipline, CAMA activity and/or specific area of focus. Content will increase as time permits. CAMA News stories will eventually get moved to this page to make room for more.

Industrial Hall of Steam (Steam Related)

Restoration of the Hubbard Steamcycle (steam powered motorcycle) 

CAMA Retrieval of a Nagle-Corliss Steam Engine (Dec. 2006)

A Nagle-Corliss Engine in Kent

Narrow Gauge Railroad

History of Hawaii Railway Co. Locomotive #5

Tionesta Valley Railroad Caboose #111 History

Tionesta Valley Caboose #111 - Retrieval from Pennsylvania

Tionesta Valley Caboose #111 - Restoration at CAMA

Diebold Agricultural Hall (Agriculture Related)

History of the Cream Hill Agricultural School

Restoration of a 1902 Frick Traction Engine (Steam -Powered Tractor)

CT Museum of Mining and Mineral Science (Geology Related)

All About the Museum of Mining and Mineral Science

Internal Combustion Engines (Large and Small)

NEW!  Our gas engine from the Hartig Standard Gas Engine Co. (Newark, NJ)

Shows/Events (Including the Fall Festival)

2012 Fall Festival

June 24, 2012 Antique Tractor Pull

Blacksmith Shop

Sawmill Exhibit (Wood Processing)