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As a benefit to CAMA members, items for sale may be listed below.  CAMA members are limited to one item listing per 30 days. Listings will run until sold or withdrawn from market.  CAMA, Inc. and the CAMA Site Webmaster assume no responsibility for the correctness of written descriptions of listed items, and assume no liability for the condition, use, or delivery of items listed herein.  This service acts only as a conduit to connect potential buyers with sellers. Making a deal on an item and delivery is up to the buyer and seller and the Site Webmaster will not get involved.

Message to Potential Buyers:  If you, as a potential buyer are interested in a particular item, please email the CAMA webmaster using the form in the sidebar at right.  In the email, include your name (required), a phone number (required) and an email address (optional) where you can be reached.  The seller is responsible for contacting you.

Message to CAMA Sellers:   It is up to you to review listings and check for accuracy of the information presented. IMPORTANT: Please only list items that are bona fide antiques (40 years old or older) and only items of a mechanical, machinery or mining nature and/or consistent with the current focus areas of CAMA (See "What is CAMA")   

Also, preparing and listing an item for sale is time consuming. The Webmaster (me) volunteers his time to maintain this site. I would appreciate that a portion (minimum 5%) of any sales made as a result of a listing on this website be donated to CAMA. 


(1) (7/28/15) Unusual Steam Indictor (SOLD)

DSC 7333
DSC 7331(2)

The indicator includes a ball and disk Integrator that calculates the work done and displays it on a set of decimal dials. Very nice mechanism. Patent information included. Asking $150.  Offered by Bob Jones.  Email for phone number if interested.

(2) (7/29/15) Vintage Sally Saw (with User Manual)

IMG 1077
IMG 1074

 Sally Saw & User’s Manual.  Precursor the chainsaw circa 1930/1940).  Made by Cummings Machine Works of Boston. Was in running condition 10 years ago. All fluids drained at that time.  Asking $600. Offered by Jack Conant. Email this website for phone number if you are interested.