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• Saturday June 13, 2020

Annual Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show

This Event Has Been Cancelled Due to Covid

Watch This Site For Future Event Status as They Approach.


Help CAMA Advertise our 2020 Spring Power-Up 

Help us advertise the 2019 CAMA Fall Festival by placing copies of our flyer on bulletin boards wherever you think people would be interested in attending our show.  PRESS THE BACK KEY TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE.

Here’s the 2020 Spring Power-Up Flyer in PDF format.


Click here for a printable PDF image of the 2020 Fall Festival Flyer

 Other Notes:

NEW!  Hall of Connecticut Geology and Paleontology 

 A page has been added to the website describing CAMA’s newest addition - the new wing of the Connecticut Museum of Mining and Mineral Science. Called the Hall of Connecticut Geology and Paleontology (click here to go to the new page), the exhibits delve into the creation of the land we call Connecticut, and all the upheavals that created the geology we see in the State today. Exhibits also look into the paleontology of Connecticut with exhibits that chronicle the creatures that once lived where you are walking today.  

Site last updated: 06/06/2020

Scattered throughout the website are new photos from past events, restorations, and gatherings.



A.C. Thomas “Half Breed” Natural Gas Engine


CAMA’s George C. Lay Blacksmith Shop Exhibit