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Despite a very difficult and trying 2020, CAMA is prepared to take some “baby steps” in hopes to return to some form of operation in 2021.

1) CAMA Will Open for 2021  

The CAMA Board of Directors will begin the 2021 museum season with a “soft opening” on Saturday May 1, 2021. In normal years, CAMA marked its opening to the general public with the Spring Power-Up,  but the Board, out of an abundance of caution will once again cancel the Power-Up for 2021, and simply, quietly, open the museum.  

Normal museum hours are Wednesday thru Sunday from 10AM to 4PM, but to get started, CAMA will likely be open on weekends only.  We want to be sure to have docent coverage for our opening, so weekends may have to be it for the time being.  CAMA will install hand sanitizer stations at the entrances to buildings and some buildings may remain closed or require traffic control to maintain social distancing protocols. More info on the museum opening will be forthcoming as the date approaches. 

2) CAMA Annual Meeting

CAMA’s By-Laws state that the Annual Meeting of CAMA's Membership must be held each year in order to carry out necessary association business including election of the Board and Officers. This year, CAMA will hold its Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday June 5, 2021.  CAMA will continue to follow CDC guidance to prudently fulfill our mandate to hold this important meeting. To assure that we safely hold this meeting, the following guidelines will be followed:

1) All members are invited to attend, but the meeting will be held outdoors. If rain threatens, a rain date will be announced. If you are in a high-risk group, we urge you to not attend.  

2) Social distancing protocols will be enforced with a minimum 6’ between non-cohabitating individuals.

3) Face masks will be worn by all attendees.

4) Traditionally, this meeting co-incided with a Pig Roast/Chicken Barbecue.  This may not yet be possible, due to the pitfalls of serving food during Covid, but the Board is looking at possible alternative ways to provide some food. WATCH for further updates as the date approaches. 

3) Two or three summer “mini” shows

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - CAMA’s Museum of Mining and Mineral Science will be having its Rock, Mineral, Gem and Jewelry Show from 9AM to 4PM. This will be held entirely outdoors and social distancing and masking will be required. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021 - CAMA’s Annual Small Engine Show.  9AM-4PM.  Bring your small engine project to run and display on CAMA grounds. Again, this will be an outdoor show and social distancing and masking will be required.

4) 2021 Fall Festival 

Tentatively scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 24-26, 2021  Depending on how the summer mini shows go, and the state of the vaccination program etc, this may be shortened to a weekend show if deemed necessary. Many questions remain as to the logistics of carrying out this event, given the unknowns presented by the hopefully waning pandemic, but we are hoping to move forward with this CAMA-defining show once again, in some way, shape or form.  

The Board of Directors is acting conservatively and prudently, and was concerned that many CAMA members, docents and volunteers are senior citizens and are at a higher risk for the widely reported dangerous respiratory effects of contracting Coronavirus.

It is our hope that a sense of safety and prudence will prevail for our 2021 season, given the likelihood of a more widespread distribution of the Covid vaccine bringing this dangerous disease under control.    


 Other Notes:

NEW!  Hall of Connecticut Geology and Paleontology 

 A page has been added to the website describing CAMA’s newest addition - the new wing of the Connecticut Museum of Mining and Mineral Science. Called the Hall of Connecticut Geology and Paleontology (click here to go to the new page), the exhibits delve into the creation of the land we call Connecticut, and all the upheavals that created the geology we see in the State today. Exhibits also look into the paleontology of Connecticut with exhibits that chronicle the creatures that once lived where you are walking today.  

Site last updated: 3/31/21

Scattered throughout the website are new photos from past events, restorations, and gatherings.



A.C. Thomas “Half Breed” Natural Gas Engine


CAMA’s George C. Lay Blacksmith Shop Exhibit